Sitting Shotgun to a Statue

by A Paper Cup Band

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recorded in our attic on a 16-track tape machine during the cold cold winter months of 2009 to 2010.


released June 4, 2010

recorded by Elliott Kozel of Sleeping in the Aviary... and Kyle Sobczak.


all rights reserved



A Paper Cup Band Minneapolis

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Track Name: Water Droplet
I've been bad and you've been good
mind reflectory
skinny dip the yellow page
school directory
you're like a desert dial tone
pressed thirsty digits
into the phone

I want you water droplet
water water water

I'm a stone, a dry ravine
You're a tower cloud
Lightening bolt's electric air
Wet my soil down.
Oh early sparrow.
Honey dew.
Open the narrow, and let me through
Track Name: Crows (on all sides)
I've got crows, on all sides
She'd press charges, but she lies.
Indecision has no cure.
And with subtle excuses we went through the year
Shovel to cheek, hammer to screw
We were just doing what

And our love, as a field.
Turn it over like a wheel
To get function out of slack
A ship in your bottle, and dart in my back
Leak in your glass, stubbing a toe
You were just going cause you had to go

Say my name it's a sore.
Hit the mattress scratch the floor
Repetition has a que
A stick in the mud like a stone in the stew
Mumble the lines, ash in the tray.
I never said the things that I'm supposed to say.
Track Name: Party Dog
I feel just like the only dog inside a party room.
Drunk attention fades there's nothing left to do.
You say I'm missing out. But apparently so are you.
Monochrome and glazey-eyed,
Your conversations are a sad sad songs i've learned.

I'm walking on a plank and the blind-folds on first mate.
Had my jimmy flopped got sex on the first date
Was propositioned by some trash turned tumbleweeds
Hollow couch potato sighs,
your aspirations are a sad sad song I've learned
Track Name: Already Gone (again)
Pulled the sheets
made my bed
found my cleanest pair of pants
and toasted bread
tied your handkerchief onto lamppost mannequin
cause your already gone again

Dug a trench
with a moving box
poured your things inside
just like whiskey on the rocks

I didn't drink it but I gave it to a friend
cause your already gone again

The lens was scuffed with residue
in the picture the was something next to you
like a teenage fad or a diet trend

cause your already gone
Track Name: Thermose
Oh I might as well carry a thermose,
cause the waters I'm drinking is just pissing out my ends,
and I try and find everythings purpose
cause you'll write me a letter and call me a friend.

Oh I'm sea-sick and supple with envy,
cause his hands are now touching the place I once was.
Oh if only once more you could lend me,
and release me from this brain lack luster fuzz.

When the morning comes I am creaking,
my knees make a hiss and I don't kiss the ground
I am banished despite all the sneaking
I am here but I don't come around.

And I'll cry if I find you in make-up,
cause your face shouldn't have a hurdle to jump.
As I catch you in my firefly cup.
I'll imagine the tree by the stump.
Track Name: Runaway
Runaway Runaway Runaway
I was consumed by the madness.
Artificial mental health.
Ate my rations over bed sheets.
Let the crumbs fend for themselves.
It was mental masturbation, a way to yank the chain.
You would have done the same.
And the camera were all pointed, different regions on my skin, and the doctor rushes in.
Tears off my clothes to start the physical.
Tells me to cough and then he starts to pull.
Runaway Runaway Runaway
Lipped a secret to an Allie on sweaty urban bus.
Wiped the grease off of the windows with some spit upon my cuffs.
When I finally found the store front people doing chores.
Windows full of boards.
And the manics on the pavement, scurried to their place.
Stiff as paper weights.
I promise that I will take out the trash.
If you pinky swear that you'll cover my ass.
Runaway Runaway Runaway
Track Name: Actor/Actress
Talk about your braces
talk about your books
but don't talk about me as a crook
with a smile so empty
he's pressing you loose
stealing from the kissing booth
you call him and angel
the love is mutated and running amok
dishes piled toilets stuck

a standing ovation will happen to late
the actor has suffered a timing mistake
and while they were clapping
instead of a bow
he shattered like pieces was running around

pessimism parade

talk about your basement
talk about the shows
but please leave my feelings alone
panicked apprehension pulling out the plug
beat yourself up like a thug
our jealous interventions never ended well
mocked emotions just don't sell
contaminated headspace probable and sure
relationships like racial slurs

a proper conclusion comes easy enough
but sly interruptions are keeping it rough
to mistake a giggle for menacing laughs
plowed through your vision poked holes in your raft

pessimism parade
Track Name: Cause I Can't Find
I get up way to late
then think of leaving state
i'm spending my days inside
got no words to write to send
my girls my only friends
and honesty likes to hide

my beard is getting way to long
I do it just to pass the time
there's a reason for this all i guess
but I can't find
but I can't find
out just yet

my bed sheets in a lump
trees all turn to stumps
it's easy to make a frown
the days all on repeat
I need something to eat
The devil he don't talk loud.

every other nose is stuffed
with an ecomic bluff
you know I would have placed my bet
but I can't find
but I can't find
out just yet
Track Name: Don't Remember
Bird songs better than good.
saw blades are tearing up wood.
It's just ambience that's left.
Hate mail pours in the box
Ex-lover's chicken pox
it's irrational it seems to burn an effigy
the good times are wearing me out
but that's what summers about
so we do it while we can.
the suits are running in place
police men are stuffing their face with a raucous guarantee
disguised chivalry

here's the intermission, too callous.
I don't believe you don't remember

lover's holding a hand just like supply and demand
in a heart economy
Tickets all selling short, romance I had to abort
and animate the sketch.
colorfully in debt.
Scribble audio blips. The byway go around your lips
to a ghostly empty town
Shallow like a kiddy pool no one follows the rules
it's an arbitrary goal, to sandwich up the soul.

here's the intermission, pull the string too callous
I don't believe you don't remember.
Track Name: Loosing a Memory
I'm awkward in my skin today
my clothes just wont fit right
the bottoms baggy the top is small the socks are bunched up tight
I dreamt a thousand dreams last night
but lost them once I woke
It seemed I had her attention but it faded once I spoke
I'm fragile like the moment you flip an egg
shaving your leg
Your the razor the hair. I drive by. Your not there.

like loosing. Loosing. Like loosing a memory.

The shower ended early and colder than I thought
there was only just a sliver left of the margarine I just bought.
The telephone it didn't ring until about five a clock
pay your bills prescription pills and answer when I knock.
the window sill keeps blowing in a draft
feels just like a chill going down my back
In the message you had said
moved on. I'm dead
like loosing. Loosing. A memory.
Track Name: Lost the Kids
I got confessions to make listeners choke their food
Unless it just doesn't matter.
Here comes a man, without a friend
Without women. Without a tear to shed

I can truly say the best things they come early in the morning.
For a decision. My charades.
It left my bedroom where the darkness stays

I have a widower she gives directions
She says, "If you love, if you love, use your actions."
So I did. But I'm not sure. This evidence. Might not be pure.
My hearts a porridge, it just needs a stir.

I feel just like an emigrant.
From a city where their loveless ignorance.
Lost the war. Lost the women.
Track Name: Lazy Lover (ain't a lover)
Stubborn like an apricot, only sweet for a week.
What you are is what I'm not, amateur psychology
I'm wishing on a dry spell that you haven't grown in height.
Cause I know you would hit me if I was within your sight.
I'm scratching you a breakup poem inside a truck stop stall

A lazy lover a

The silent treatment hibernates lifts a peg leg
The truth is always blurry conversations by the keg
I'm missing you like unemployment unemployment checks that never came.
I don't want assistance but I recognize the game.
I'll make believe my pillow is a beauty in a shall

A lazy lover ain't a lover at all

Today is not my birthday but it's full of random facts.
Like New Zealand per capita has the most heart attacks
well darling makes me feel like I should purchase running shoes
or maybe a stray jacket so the feds wont have to choose
A gingko trees berries smell of vomit in the fall

A lazy lover aint a lover at all

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