Detroit vs Farming

by A Paper Cup Band

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(free) 01:35


released 09 January 2009



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Track Name: Untuck Your Shirt, Man
tanning your lines with the perfect finesse
breeding a decoy and doing no less
shredded your visa and turned in your coat
studied the research concluded that

although you got best in show
you’re feeling like you pissed the floor
recent effect
and the pawn is in check

you set up your suitcase
your packed like a rat
the hobos and gypsies a fine tuning pack
simpleton rejects and pummeling tramps
the prophets on Brady will tell you that

your art is like a donkey at best
he loves you but he makes a mess
drinking it up
with a bottomless cup
Track Name: The Passion/Bitters
It seems there’s no goblins in here
look under your hood,
you’ll find nothing good
maybe he’ll drop on your foot
piss on your loved ones like troughs
you don’t go to college enough
your drinking lactation,
your parking lot station
a staunch indication of cause limitations
we’ll bill you in spite of the loss

the passion (ohh) always seems to go
the skyline is a glitch, be quite for the pitch
the bitters (ohh) slicken down the road
with tucks behind their cheeks
their halfway through the week

your radio looks a bit lost
I don’t pay attention to just one dimension
the FCC’s salad gets tossed
it’s a very beat heavy time
we’re finding new ways to drop rhymes
just paying some dues,
with beats one and two
so stay off the booze,
cause it shakes of the blues
all you need’s here to unwind
Track Name: Future Pastures
two punks on the street
one of them thinks he’s better than me
I got a man crush
he’s leaving the fleet
out of my head on vitamin C
I got the magic touch
I tend to poke
where do you go if you got to smoke
take off your clothes
another sausage fest in a sketchy part of town
why would the girls take part?
you know what I mean?
better than a wet dream
Track Name: No Drag
you’re wearing pockets and hand straps
shiny dollar coins in your palm
your flashing light in direction
passing out everything wrong

worn shoes, like a damaged noose
in the bottom of a pickup truck
face down with the flat nose frown
I will meet you in a bastard’s hell

wrestle with a lasting though
only had to panic twice
bottle up your poltergeist

systematically stringent
busting up your grandmas sleeve
hot wired it’s magic
everybody better believe.
pick chairs with the Denver stare
because Chicago’s got the tightest pants
breathe deep and forget your feet
I will teach you how to speak and spell

licking off a dumpster bag
you don’t have to be a drag

Track Name: Bodies Got Bones
broad spectrum over tones are somber
why don’t we imagine ends
table mansions, picket to a climax
teasing my position till I bend
some are mobile, some are ready
some are plastered in the face
some are sterile, some are steady
some are proper in their ways

looking for a contribution
to a level headed heart
but the promise has vacated

sit quite with the breeze
wait patiently
drift as your body feels your bones
your on your own

crisp visions tackled n the rhetoric
timed opinions locking horns
tiny minions present in the actions
grinning at the process they adore
some are clever, some are able
some get busier at night
some have leverage, some are stable
some are never out of site
Track Name: Drunks and Poets
tea is in the pot, dancing with decision
everything I did envision, staking up in front of me
life is on the horse, and I’m stroking the saddle
blazing hot my temper, gets a test everyday
if I would have known he would take you away
I’d put mortar in your shoes
and I’d punch you in the face
you’d wake up by a lake
with a sandwich and some back
and a book of solemn gratitude in place

I sifted through the lies
and I only found a smudgen
I leaned that pockets are a place to give it all away
creation is a must, destruction is a habit
if you bother to regret
you empower thoughts a stray
so grab an empty hand
and fill it with some ammunition
carve her name on to your chest
smoke her breathe as cigarettes, all this meaningless
a pain like syphilis
for some one that you never even met

I scramble my petitions
haven’t been well read
damaged from addictions
people stumble on the dead
drunks and poets serenade
the fish below the docks
as the moon displays a beauty
only they could mock

sour is a word
that I’d never use for friendship
but I gave just like a hen
your the banker that won’t lend
put an apple on my head
roll your eyes instead
you’re repeating things I never even said
Track Name: Skip to the Lady (doo dah day)
skip to the lady doo da day
land the bass guitar
the muffins sprang a grassy null
the milks as thick as tar
dancing on the toilet seat
now you found your ride to LA

happy hour tastes of sour
berries full of skid
tip your waiter so he’s able
rent a porno vid
a stranger’s purse and bible verse (cold)
nibble your meat

I’m in my room I have to rake
the clothes straight off the ground
put them in a pile
and an asshole makes a sound
hoodies all are hung up now
the closets unwound
Track Name: Dead Woman Country
dead woman country
love your sex appeal
dead woman country
got to eat a meal
feast on her red dress
yodel so free
dead woman country,
gone be twenty-three

dead woman country
skinny legs and all
dead woman country
take her to the mall

give her your chap stick
piss off her dad
dead woman country
the best you’ve ever had
Track Name: Detroit vs Farming
lungs vs cigarettes
bums vs paychecks
humor vs context
the scene is full of incest

addiction vs freewill
garbage vs landfills
fun vs regret
image vs respect
Track Name: Bold as a River
bold as a river or an inland sea
it travels the wind I’m told
beating the drum in a cavalry
the valley will ingulf your bones
like a blanket over you and me

life it sits, sits in the river
and the mouth it spits
muddy all around your feet
into, earthy to the middle
and we all return to water I am told

you just can’t imagine the open space
sleeping with the power lines
creases in your palm and a wrinckled face
the fields are growing taller outside
and a fog is rolling through those hills

the heart it rests, rests in the prairie
and the sun it sets, sets just behind my ribs
into, pieces just beneath my skin
made of water I am told
Track Name: Awake With Light
please to meet you light
good to see your face
it’s the morning time
this is just our place
I don’t to stray
just to know you’re here
for the winter comes
I will have no fear
all the willow trees
ohh the shed their hairs
I will do the same
hibernate bears
I will go into
to a dreamy state
and then wake with light
he resuscitates
Track Name: Grumpy With the Bedroom
blackness stain
center of your brain
moisten like a sponge
getting proper with an amputee
your vocals are fantastic
bleeding THC
your hair is looking phallic
comb over’s touching me

grumpy with the bedroom eyes
love women that are twice your size
belly flop takes you down
like the modern man
got to use that gaydar
just to find a date
shopping up at Har-Mar
you’re twenty minutes late

find someone to ream
take them out to lunch
kiss your baby’s mama’s headlamp
then go spike the punch
with liverwurst and bad dreams
we’ll punish like that plague
vodka sauce and moon beams
to make your knickers sag
we’ll make your knickers sag